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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Claxton... its a family name.  Currently a working Actor living in NYC!  I'm a Jersey boy born and raised. DC will always have a piece of my heart though-- Proud American University Alum! Ever since I was three years old, singing in my church choir, in my heart I knew I wanted to perform. As I continue to learn and develop my craft, I realize what truly feeds my soul is
the perspective that I gain. My art, and the ability to express my whole being, allows such a rare opportunity to discover how I relate to people and circumstances-- within and outside my own existence. I feel so blessed that doing what I love allows me to learn so much about people and all the quirks that come along with us. We ALL see the world differently and our perspectives may be different, but the common ground in all of us, is our humanity. I'm kind of in love with my art, lets discover more together!
                                                                                                                                                       - CLAXTON :)
"Your dreams are already done just speak them into existence, because you are enough. It is already done, walk into your destiny!"- BRANDY
(She literally said that to me, in person. O_o ... I'm DEAD, literally gone)
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